BEA makes its statistics available to the public in many formats. This page provides links to BEA's major data tools and datasets.

Online Tools

Interactive Data Application

BEA's interactive data application is the one-stop shop for accessing and exporting BEA data.

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Application Programming Interface (API)

BEA's data API provides developers easy access to BEA statistics and the meta-data that describes the statistics.

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Downloadable Datasets

Datasets are available to download in CSV, XLS, and/or ZIP Formats.

National Accounts

National Income and Product Accounts (NIPA) Tables

BEA's national economic accounts provide a comprehensive picture of the U.S. economy and feature many macroeconomic statistics. The NIPA tables provide data for domestic product and income, government receipts and expenditures, foreign transactions, saving and investment, and employment by industry.

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Underlying Detail Tables (NIPA)

The tables provide estimates of underlying NIPA series that appear regularly.

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Fixed Assets

BEA's fixed assets accounts include a wide array of statistics on both fixed assets, which are used continuously in processes of production for an extended period of time, and consumer durables, which are generally defined as tangible products that can be stored or inventoried and that have an average life of at least three years.

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International Accounts

International Transactions (Balance of Payments)

BEA's international transactions (balance of payments) accounts include all transactions between U.S. and foreign residents.

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International Services

These tables present trade in services and services supplied by affiliates of multinational enterprises.

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International Investment Position

A balance sheet of U.S. financial assets and liabilities with residents of other countries.

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Direct Investment and Multinational Enterprises

BEA's direct investment statistics cover inward and outward direct investment, including direct investment position data and data on the activities of multinational enterprises.

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Regional Accounts

Regional Data

The BEA regional economic accounts provide a wealth of statistics that detail the geographic distribution of U.S. economic activity and growth and provide a consistent framework for analyzing and comparing individual state and local area economies. Employment, compensation, wages and salaries, personal current transfer receipts, personal current taxes, and per capita personal income statistics are also available.

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Industry Accounts

GDP By Industry (Data Files & Supplemental Estimates)

To understand industry interactions, productivity trends, and the changing structure of the U.S. economy, policymakers and businesses use BEA's industry accounts extensively.

Data Files & Supplemental Estimates

Input-Output (Data Files & Supplemental Estimates)

BEA's annual input-output (I-O) accounts provide a time series of detailed, consistent information on the flow of goods and services that make up the production processes of industries. The accounts show how industries interact as they provide inputs to, and use outputs from, each other to produce GDP.

Data Files & Supplemental Estimates