Beginning with 2007, the benchmark input-output tables are fully integrated with the annual industry accounts and the national income and product accounts. In keeping with this integration, data and files associated with the 2007 benchmark input-output account can be found here on the annual input-output page. Statistics prepared at the 389-industry level of aggregation are available only for estimate year 2007. Additionally, estimates for 2007 at all levels of aggregation reflect the highly detailed and accurate data available during an economic census year.

Input-Output Accounts Data

Data Files

Make Tables/Before Redefinitions
- Production of commodities by industry

Use Tables/Before Redefinitions/Producer Value
- Use of commodities by industry valued at producers' prices

Use Tables/Before Redefinitions/Purchaser Value
- Use of commodities by industry valued at purchasers' prices

Import Matrices/Before Redefinitions
Use of imported commodities by industry

Supplemental Estimate Tables

Other Supplemental Estimates

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