Research is crucial to keeping BEA's statistics up to date and vital in an ever-changing economy. Research provides the foundation for innovation, including the development of new ways to measure the U.S. and global economies. Approximately 40 economists and statisticians spread across BEA's main program areas are engaged in cutting-edge research along with BEA's Office of the Chief Economist and Chief Innovation Officer. The Office of the Chief Economist also serves as BEA's primary liaison to other U.S. statistical agencies.

In addition, BEA supports academic research through a number of channels. BEA's  Special Sworn Researcher Program provides access to BEA data under strict confidentiality guidelines for the purpose of advancing scientific knowledge. BEA works with the National Science Foundation on research projects, and BEA participates in a program with the American Statistical Association and the National Science Foundation that aims to improve the collaboration between government and academic research.

ResearchResearch in the Office of the Chief Economist

Research to refine existing measures and develop new statistics.

ResearchResearch in the National Accounts

Topics include measuring gross domestic product, consumer spending, personal income, prices, industries, and special topics such as the digital economy.

ResearchResearch in the International Accounts

Focused on international transactions, trade, international services, direct investment, and activities of multinational enterprises.

ResearchResearch in the Regional Accounts

Issues related to measuring the economies of states, counties, and metro areas.