Recognizing that some research requires data at a more detailed level than that provided in its publicly disseminated tabulations, the International Economics Directorate of the Bureau of Economic Analysis maintains a program that permits outside researchers to work on site as unpaid special sworn employees of the Bureau for the purpose of conducting analytical and statistical studies using the microdata on multinational companies and international service transactions it collects under the International Investment and Trade in Services Survey Act.

This work is conducted under strict guidelines and procedures that protect the confidentiality of company-specific data, as required by law. Because the program exists for the express purpose of advancing scientific knowledge and because of legal requirements that limit the use of the data to analytical and statistical purposes, appointment to special-sworn-employee status under this program is limited to researchers. Appointments are not extended to any persons affiliated with organizations that collect taxes, enforce regulations, or make policy. Questions about BEA's program for outside researchers can be addressed to James Fetzer at [email protected].

Surveys of research conducted on particular topics.