Household Production Satellite Account

What's the value of unpaid work done in the home? Things like cooking, cleaning, watching the kids and so forth? BEA plans to produce statistics that measure "household production" that took place in 2016. Going forward, BEA will explore the feasibility of producing a set of household production statistics each year. Such unpaid work is not included in BEA's calculation of U.S. GDP. This project is part of ongoing efforts at BEA to produce economic statistics that go beyond GDP and that measure economic value outside the market economy.

  • "Guide on Valuing Unpaid Household Service Work"
    UNECE, New York and Geneva 2017, December | BEA contributed to the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe's report, which sets out international standards for measuring household production.
  • "Structural Transformation, Marketization, and Household Production around the World"
    Bridgman, Benjamin, Duernecker, Georg, Herrendorf, Berthold, 2015. Working Paper 2015-11. Bureau of Economic Analysis. Forthcoming in the Journal of Development Economics.The satellite account methodology was applied to a large number of countries, giving internationally comparable estimates of the size of household production around the world.

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What is Household Production?

Cooking, cleaning, caring for children, shopping, gardening, and doing odd jobs around the house are covered in these statistics. Because this work isn’t tracked through marketplace transactions, it’s excluded from U.S. GDP.

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