Integrated Industry-Level Production Account (KLEMS)

The integrated industry-level production account (ILPA) contains estimates of the sources of economic growth. It allows analysts to trace aggregate GDP growth from its industry origins to changes in factors of production, including capital, labor, intermediate inputs, and (integrated) multifactor productivity. Accounts of this nature are often referred to as "KLEMS" accounts and the "integrated" terminology reflects a collaboration between the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and BEA to produce consistent estimates. The account has proven useful for analysts studying structural change, globalization, the impact of information and communications technology, and the industry origins of productivity growth.

If you used the Industry level production account excel files between July 16, 2019 and August 9, 2019, please be advised that an incorrect file was posted affecting the Contributions to VA Growth, Contributions to GO Growth, Value Added_quantity, and Gross Output_quantity worksheets for the year 2007. The correct files have been posted. Estimates from the remaining data files and periods were not affected.

What is the Integrated Industry-Level Production Account (KLEMS)?

Traces the sources of growth in GDP and output from their industry origins by examining changes in capital; labor; intermediate purchases of energy, materials, and services; and multifactor productivity. These data are produced in collaboration with the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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