BEA is developing a new satellite account that measures research and development activity in a framework consistent with the measurement of gross domestic product (GDP) and other BEA statistics. The new statistics will provide a more comprehensive picture of the contribution of the R&D sector to the U.S. and state economies.

In the first milestone of this ongoing project, BEA issued experimental statistics in May 2024. These statistics include R&D’s contribution to GDP (known as R&D value added) and associated R&D employment and compensation for the nation and all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

These statistics can answer questions such as: Which states have the largest R&D value added? How many jobs in each state are supported by R&D activities? What are the leading R&D-producing industries across the nation?

This work is conducted with data and support from the National Science Foundation’s National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics.

What is the R&D Satellite Account?

Measures the contribution of research and development to the U.S. and state economies through the value generated in production, the number of jobs the sector supports, and the compensation paid. R&D activity is attributed to the state where it is performed.

What’s a Satellite Account?

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