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National Accounts
Gross domestic product [email protected]
Personal income [email protected]
Personal consumption expenditures [email protected]
Corporate profits [email protected]
Fixed assets [email protected]
Integrated Macroeconomic Accounts [email protected]
International Accounts
International transactions accounts, services, and international investment position [email protected]
Direct investment and multinational enterprises [email protected]
Regional Accounts
Gross domestic product by state [email protected]
Gross domestic product by metropolitan area [email protected]
State and local area personal income accounts [email protected]
Regional Price Parities [email protected]
Personal Consumption Expenditures by State [email protected]
Regional Input-Output Modeling System (RIMS II) multiplier estimates [email protected]
Territorial Economic Accounts [email protected]
Industry Accounts
Input-Output and GDP by Industry Accounts [email protected]
Satellite accounts for travel and tourism [email protected]
Satellite accounts for transportation [email protected]