Some NAICS-based goods and services categories include digital goods and services as well as non-digital goods and services. While BEA’s conceptual definition of the digital economy includes all digital goods and services, BEA did not attempt to include the digital portion of those goods and services categories that include both digital and non-digital components in the preliminary digital economy estimates, choosing instead to focus only on goods and services categories that are exclusively or primarily digital. Splitting the output of “partially-digital” categories into digital and non-digital portions will require additional source data and other resources to accurately identify the share of output that is in scope for the digital economy. The preliminary digital economy estimates exclude the value of industries producing goods and services from the Internet of Things (IoT), structures that are part of the digital-enabling infrastructure, peer-to-peer e-commerce, the advertising revenue associated with ad-supported media, and “big data” that firms sell to earn revenue.