Other selected services include all services transactions that are not separately listed and are not specifically excluded. This category excludes receipts for financial services (which are covered on a separate BEA survey); income on financial instruments (including interest, dividends, capital gains, etc.); taxes, penalties and fines, gifts or grants; and transportation or travel-related services provided to individual travelers (including hotel accommodation and restaurant meals). Other selected services include (but are not limited to) funding (U.S. receipts and U.S. payments) of the news-gathering costs of broadcasters, news-gathering costs of the print media, and costs of maintaining sales promotion and representation offices including government tourism and business promotion offices. Also included are receipts or payments for account collection services; agricultural services; employment agency and temporary help supply services; language translation services; mailing, reproduction, and commercial art; salvage services; satellite photography and remote sensing/satellite imagery services; security services; space transport (includes satellite launches and transport associated with scientific experiments or space passenger transport); transcription services; and waste treatment and depollution services. See instructions for a definition of services and a fuller discussion of the coverage of this survey.