To link a BE-12 survey:

  • Log into the BEA eFile System at with your username and password.
  • On the User Account Homepage, review the options available after clicking on Survey Tools, and select the one that applies.
    • If you have previously filed a BE-12, BE-15, or BE-605 survey or have received a notification in the mail with a BE-12 ID number, select Link a BE-12 Survey.
    • If this is your first time filing and you did not receive a notification with a BE-12 ID number, or you received a notification with a BE-12 Lead ID starting with “R”, select Add New BE-12 Report.
  • Complete the information requested and submit your request.
    • When linking an existing survey using the Link a BE-12 Survey option, the request will be reviewed and you will receive an email once the request has been processed indicating that the survey is now linked to your user account.
    • When using the Add New BE-12 Report, the entity files under a temporary ID that will be updated to a BE-12 ID number later. (This option should only be used when a previous BE-12, BE-15, or BE-605 survey has not been filed and there is no existing BE-12 ID.)
  • Your linked survey will appear under Linked Surveys on the User Account Homepage.
  • If filing more than one BE-12 survey, each survey will require a separate link request.

For additional information on accessing eFile, setting up a user account, and linking a survey, please see here.