Responses through Question 5 on page 5 of the survey are mandatory for all respondents.

A response is required from U.S. insurance companies subject to the reporting requirements of the BE-140 Benchmark Survey of Insurance Transactions by U.S. Insurance Companies with Foreign Persons – the reporting period, whether or not they are contacted by BEA. Also, a U.S. insurance company, or its agent, that is contacted by BEA about reporting on this survey, either by sending a report form or by written inquiry, must respond in writing. This may be accomplished by:

  1. Completing and returning the BE-140 by the due date of the survey; or
  2. If exempt, by completing the determination of reporting status section of the BE-140 survey and returning it to BEA by the due date of the survey.

If your company’s transactions in any of the eight transaction types listed in Question 7 were greater than positive $2 million or less than negative $2 million for the reporting period, on an accrual basis, then responses to all of the remaining questions and applicable mandatory schedules are also required.