BEA’s secure messaging system is an encrypted and secure way to correspond with BEA about your confidential survey-related business information. It keeps your data protected and your communications with BEA in one place. When you want to contact BEA:

  1. Go to and login to your user account.
  2. From the “eFile – User Account Homepage,” go to the Linked Surveys section and select the survey.
  3. On the “eFile – Survey Homepage,” select a filing period.
  4. On the “eFile – Report Homepage,” scroll down to Secure Messaging and click on “Go to the Secure Mailbox.”
  5. On the eFile Secure Messaging System page, click on “Send a New Message” to compose your message. Click on “Send Message” when you’re finished.
  6. When BEA replies to your email, you’ll receive an email notifying you that there is a secure message. Simply click on the link within the email and it will take you to the eFile login screen.
  7. After logging in, select the survey and filing period referenced in the notification email to read the secure email.

NOTE: You need to have a user account and eFile ID created with BEA in order to use the secure messaging system.