• If your company acquired and has voting control of a foreign entity, your survey should not consolidate their transactions under the U.S. Domestic Reporter. Any transactions between that foreign entity and the U.S. Reporter should be reported as transactions with foreign affiliates of the U.S. Reporter on the survey. You should go to www.bea.gov/surveys/diasurv for information on U.S. direct investment abroad survey requirements.
  • If your company was acquired by a U.S. company during the reporting period, please mark “yes” to question 3 on page 2 of the survey and provide additional information about your company’s ownership status as required.
  • If your company was purchased by a foreign company, complete the survey as it pertains to you and go to www.bea.gov/surveys/fdiusurv.htm for information on foreign direct investment survey requirements.
  • If your company acquired another U.S. company, your BE-45 survey should consolidate their transactions for the entire reporting period if you are including them in your BE-45 submission.