Estimates of PCE for services reflect the incorporation of Quarterly Services Survey (QSS) data for selected PCE series, including garbage and trash collection, health care, motor vehicle maintenance and repair, motor vehicle rental, recreation services, portfolio management and investment advice services, communication, day care and nursery schools, professional and other services, personal care and clothing services, social services and religious activities, household maintenance, and final consumption expenditures of nonprofit institutions serving households.

For the current quarterly NIPA estimates, QSS data are incorporated into the “third” quarterly estimates, released near the end of the third month after the end of the reference quarter. BEA plans to incorporate additional QSS data into the estimates of PCE for services as the QSS coverage expands. A table showing the quarterly PCE for services components that are based on the QSS data is available in Use of the Census Bureau's Quarterly Services Survey in BEA's PCE Estimates [XLS].