For the 1997 Benchmark, the easiest method is to click on the purchasers’ prices button in the interactive I-O table menu found after selecting the desired table at Conversion from a downloaded benchmark data is more complicated.  To get from producers' prices to purchasers' prices, you have to add transportation costs and wholesale and retail margins to each cell in the matrix. Then you have to remove the same amount from the transportation and wholesale and retail rows in the matrix. Some value will remain in the transportation row, for example, for passenger transportation, and some value will remain in the wholesale and retail rows, because not all the output of those industries is associated with moving goods.  In the 1997 tables, the files called NAICSUseDetail.txt* or IOUseDetail.txt* both give the detailed transportation and margins for each cell. The value of the cell in purchasers' prices is also given (field 15).  

Note: The above-mentioned files, NAICSUseDetail.txt and IOUseDetail.txt are available in the EXE and ZIP files named ndn0306 and ndn0307, respectively.  See the second and the third entries on the Web page for Benchmark Input-Output Data at