GDP by state and GDP by metropolitan area are measures of a state or metropolitan area’s current production of goods and services and will reflect any disruption in that production. These measures are not directly affected by the loss of property (structures and equipment) produced in previous periods. GDP by state and GDP by metropolitan area may be affected indirectly by the actions that consumers, businesses, and governments take in response to disruptions in production or to the loss of property, but these responses are not amenable to precise quantification; moreover, the responses may be spread out over a long period of time. For example:

Rebuilding activity, which may occur over many months following a disaster, will typically be reflected in the regular source data used to estimate residential and nonresidential construction. There is no way to disentangle the disaster-related rebuilding from other construction activity.

Tourism and other types of consumer spending may be canceled or postponed in the face of a disaster; whether canceled or merely postponed, the effects will be embedded in the source data that are used to estimate GDP by state and GDP by metropolitan area.