For BEA to efficiently process your report and disseminate the final results of the survey it is important that you make every effort to file on time. Nevertheless, reasonable requests for extension of the filing deadline will normally be granted if requested BEFORE the due date.

  • BE-577: Call (301) 278-9261
  • BE-10/11: Extension requests can be filed via eFile. Access eFile at
  • BE-605: Call (301) 278-9422
  • BE-12/15: We are no longer offering extensions for the 2022 BE-12 survey. 2023 BE-15 extension requests can be initiated and automatically approved via eFile before the due date for paper filers of May 31, 2024 or by June 30, 2024 for e-filers. Automatic extensions will not be available for BE-12/15 ID’s that are in a delinquent status for the previous filing period via eFile.
  • BE-13: Call (301) 278-9419