What is the Interactive Data Application?

BEA's interactive data application is the one stop shop for accessing BEA data on the fly. The interactive application makes it easier to access and use our statistics by providing a common look and feel for users accessing national, international, regional or industry statistics. The application makes the data easier to print, save and export. The charting features are robust and visually appealing. The application also allows for data sharing with others via a number of social tools.

BEA updates its data in near real time. During BEA news releases there might be a slight delay in accessing the most recent data but access to supplemental data files is always available.

The interactive data application organizes data by account and topic. The application uses a "tabbed" browser experience common to many e-commerce and other standard Web sites. Navigating between data sets and accessing and changing query parameters is easy, as they are similar across all datasets.