April 2, 2019

By the end of April, key national economic indicators will be on their original 2019 schedule, as the Bureau of Economic Analysis’ timetable of releases continues to recover from disruptions earlier in the year.

The advance, or first, estimate of gross domestic product for the first quarter will be released April 26 at 8:30 a.m., in accordance with BEA’s original calendar. The second and third estimates of first quarter GDP also are back on their original schedule.

The rest of BEA’s national statistics will catch up when data on personal income and consumer spending are released in late April.

That full release – Personal Income and Outlays, March 2019 – will be published April 29 as originally scheduled. In addition, that 8:30 a.m. release will include outlays and related statistics for February that were delayed. The February 2019 statistics will include personal consumption expenditures, PCE prices, and personal saving.

GDP, personal income, and personal outlays data to be released in May and going forward will follow BEA’s original 2019 calendar.

Delays in BEA’s data were caused by a temporary lapse in federal funding in late December and January that closed BEA as well as some federal agencies, including the Census Bureau, that collect data BEA uses to produce its estimates.

BEA’s international data also have been affected. The report on U.S. trade in goods and services in February has been rescheduled for April 17. Trade statistics for March will be pushed back slightly, from May 7 to May 9.

See BEA’s News Release Schedule for upcoming release dates throughout 2019. Any future schedule changes will be posted there.