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Understanding the uneven growth of Intellectual Property Products investment in the U.S.



Given the attention to intangible capital in studying industry dynamics and aggregate investment trends in the last couple of decades, this paper provides a descriptive analysis of Intellectual Property Products (IPP) as measured in the National Accounts (NIPAs) by the Bureau of Economic… Read more

By Dennis J. Fixler, Eva de Francisco

Developing Statistics on the Distribution of State Personal Income: Methodology and Preliminary Results



In recent years, a growing interest in the topic of income inequality has fueled demand for information on the way in which the nation’s prosperity and growth are shared across households, as a complement to published data on total income and output. This paper details the methodology and… Read more

By Christian Awuku-Budu, Dirk van Duym

How Should We Measure Infrastructure? The Case of Highways and Streets



The recent debates on infrastructure spending have led to renewed interest in the measurement of infrastructure and its effects on growth and wellbeing. This paper updates estimates of one important type of infrastructure capital—highways and streets. We compare BEA’s capital measures with more… Read more

By Robert Kornfeld, Barbara M. Fraumeni

Economies of scope and relational contracts: Exploring global value chains in the automotive industry



Most economic theories of value-chain governance examine one transaction at a time and focus on transaction type as the key determinant of governance. We instead consider several transactions jointly, suggesting that lead firms experience economies of scope in developing relational contracts… Read more

By Susan Helper, Abdul Munasib