Interactive Tables

Find the numbers you need in a flash, whether you’re looking for national, international, regional or industry data. With BEA’s interactive tables you can:

  • Create customized charts
  • Share your data with social media tools
  • Download data as comma-separated files, spreadsheets or PDFs


Search, retrieve and analyze data with our application programming interface designed for developers and analysts. With BEA’s API you can:

  • Access the subsets of data you need for your analytical tools
  • Retrieve data in JSON or XML format
  • Get metadata with HTTPS requests and use extensive online documentation


Use the R programming language and its universe of tools to do even more with BEA’s API. With the bea.R open-source tool you can:

  • Quickly and conveniently pull the latest data into R
  • Search, analyze and visualize data faster and in new ways
  • Convert datasets into the format you need