2022 Annual Update

BEA plans to release the results of the annual update of the National Economic Accounts (NEAs), which include the National Income and Product Accounts (NIPAs) and the Industry Economic Accounts (IEAs), on September 29, 2022. The update will cover the first quarter of 2017 through the first quarter of 2022 and will result in revisions to GDP, GDP by industry, gross domestic income, and related components.




Summary of Results

  • Text  PDF
  • Tables (includes supplemental tables for selected time spans and business cycles)  Excel

Major Source Data and Conceptual Changes Incorporated, 2017–2021  Excel

Note: Updated statistics for the first quarter of 2022 are discussed in the September 29 GDP News release

Updated COVID-19 Pandemic Response Tables

    Effects of Selected Federal Pandemic Response Programs on Personal Income

  • Quarterly 2019Q3–2021Q4 and annually 2017–2021  (PDF | XLSX)
  • Monthly, February 2020–December 2021  (PDF | XLSX)

    Effects of Selected Federal Pandemic Response Programs on Federal Receipts, Expenditures, and Saving

  • 2019Q3–2021Q4 quarterly and 2017–2021 annually  (PDF | XLSX)

    Paycheck Protection Program Subsidies by Industry in the National Accounts, 2021 Annual Update

  • 2020Q1-2021Q4 quarterly and 2019–2021 annually  (PDF | XLSX)

Background Materials

Note: For the 2022 annual update, there are no format changes to the GDP news release tables, the Personal Income and Outlays news release tables, the NIPA and IEA Interactive Data Tables, or the series and table register "flat" files. Select column and row labels in the IEA supply-use tables will be updated to reflect the new treatment of “subsidies on products” and “other subsidies on production,” as noted in the Preview.

Release Plan

September 29:

  • News release for "Gross Domestic Product (Third Estimate), GDP by Industry, and Corporate Profits (Revised), 2nd Quarter 2022 and Annual Update
  • “GDP and Personal Income” NIPA tables (quarterly and most annual frequency tables)
  • “GDP by Industry” tables (quarterly and annual frequency tables for GDP (value added), gross output, and intermediate inputs by industry)
  • “Underlying Detail” NIPA tables (quarterly and annual frequency tables)
  • Summary of annual update results including:

        Summary text and tables
        Briefing slides
        The table of selected components and major source data incorporated
        Updated COVID pandemic response tables

September 30:

  • News release for "Personal Income and Outlays: August 2022"
  • All monthly “GDP and Personal Income” NIPA tables
  • All monthly “Underlying Detail” NIPA tables

By October 6:

  • Most NIPA tables published on an “annual only” frequency
  • Fixed Assets Accounts tables

In the November Survey of Current Business:

  • Article detailing the results of the 2022 Annual Update of the NEAs, which includes:

        The seven NIPA summary accounts
        Tables showing the revisions to major aggregates and industry groups

  • Article for updated summary of NIPA methodologies


  • Release of NIPA tables 2.9, 3.15-3.21, 5.10, and 7.19


  • Integrated Macroeconomic Accounts tables