Ownership-based current account

The ownership-based framework is a supplement to the international transactions accounts (ITAs) that presents current account statistics combining cross-border trade with the net receipts of affiliates of multinational enterprises (MNEs). Statistics under this framework were published from 1995 through 2022. Statistics for 1982-2020, constructed using the latest data vintages available in February 2022, are available below. The series is described in the “Technical Note” below.

Because BEA has discontinued publication of the series, it is providing more complete technical documentation, as well as a template for table 2 that users can use to update and extend the series when new data are released. The technical documentation will describe the series in detail and provide full information on the steps needed to construct each data value. The template will assist users downloading newly released and revised BEA statistics and in constructing table 2 based on those downloaded statistics. The documentation and template will be available below soon. To be notified when they are available, please email internationalaccounts@bea.gov with the subject “Ownership-Based Framework Notification Request.”

Other statistics

The following statistics are supplemental detail that in most cases were provided in response to special requests.  BEA cannot fulfill such requests in many cases, but when we are able to fulfill them, we provide equal access to the information by posting it in this section.

Balance of Payments (International Transactions)

International Transactions and Positions in Financial Derivatives Other Than Reserves

Operations of Multinational Companies