December 15, 2020

The percent change in real state personal income ranged from 4.1 percent in Maine to 0.7 percent in Hawaii, Wyoming, and Rhode Island.

  • States with the fastest growth in real personal income were Maine (4.1 percent), Washington (4.0 percent), and Utah (3.8 percent).
  • No state had a decline in real personal income. States with the slowest growth in real personal income were Rhode Island (0.7 percent), Wyoming (0.7 percent), and Hawaii (0.7 percent).

Regional price parities (RPPs) measure the differences in price levels across states for a given year and are expressed as a percentage of the overall national price level.

  • States with the highest RPPs were Hawaii (119.3), California (116.4), and New York (116.3).
  • States with the lowest RPPs were Mississippi (84.4), Arkansas (84.7), and Alabama (85.8).
  • Across states, California had the highest RPP for housing rents (153.6), and Mississippi had the lowest (60.0).

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