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Tracking Marijuana in the National Accounts



The internationally agreed guidelines for national economic accounts, System of National Accounts 2008 (United Nations Statistics Division 2008), explicitly recommend that illegal market activity should be tracked together with legal market activity. This recommendation is not currently… Read more

By Rachel Soloveichik

Estimating Regional Price Parities Using New Data on Medical Goods and Services



I report on a project to improve estimates of Regional Price Parities (RPPs) by making use of a large commercial dataset on health care prices, the Health Marketscan dataset. Using the new data, I obtain estimates of regional price levels for health related goods and services that are stable… Read more

By James P. Choy

Work Context and Industrial Composition Determine the Epidemiological Responses in a Multi-Group SIR Model



Key economic indicators, such as GDP and unemployment rates, provide a useful backdrop for assessing the state of the economy. However, more nuanced statistics can be of use during the COVID-19 pandemic. In this paper, we extend the domain of relevance for economic statistics by developing a… Read more

By Juan Moreno-Cruz

Assessing Residual Seasonality in the U.S. National Income and Product Account Aggregates



There is an ongoing debate on whether residual seasonality is present in the estimates of real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in U.S. national accounts and whether it explains the slower quarter-one GDP growth rate in the recent years. This paper aims to bring clarity to this topic by 1)… Read more

By Baoline Chen, Tucker S. McElroy, Osbert C. Pang