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Household Consumption Expenditures for Medical Care: An Alternate Presentation




By Ana M. Aizcorbe, Eli Liebman, David M. Cutler, Allison B. Rosen

Introducing Demographic Labor Market Data into the U.S. National Accounts



The U.S. gross domestic product and its foundational National Income and Product Accounts contain some of the most widely used and followed economic statistics in the world yet contain limited information on the labor market and almost no information on demographic groups. We build a new dataset… Read more

By Jon D. Samuels

Introducing Consumer Durable Digital Services into the BEA Digital Economy Satellite Account



Measuring the digital economy is a high priority for analysts of economic growth. We augment the Bureau of Economic Analysis’s Digital Economy Satellite Account to include digital services provided by high-tech consumer durables. We find that including the service flow from these goods raises… Read more

By Benjamin R. Bridgman, Tina Highfill, Jon D. Samuels

Capitalizing Data: Case Studies of Tax Forms and Individual Credit Reports



Early papers on capitalizing data focused on complex digital data that are stored on supercomputers and managed by highly skilled computer scientists (Statistics Canada 2019) (Eurostat 2020) (Coyle 2022) (Calderon and Rassier 2022) (Mitchell et al. 2022). This paper studies two very different… Read more

By Rachel Soloveichik