Partnership and Sole Proprietorship Data, by Region and State, for Tax Years 2002-2005

This article highlights partnership and sole proprietorship data by region and State tabulated by the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) for the Statistics of Income Division (SOI). SOI uses these tabulations in its capacity as an IRS office which prepares and publishes statistics on the operations associated with the execution and application of the internal revenue laws. BEA uses geographic coding data obtained from the Nonemployer Statistics program at the Census Bureau to assign tax records to the proper States based on the Zip Codes contained in the IRS record extracts.1 This process also identifies and suppresses any data associated with frequencies of less than three at the State level to ensure that they are disclosure-free. BEA then tabulates the number of returns and the unincorporated business income for SOI by State for partnerships and sole proprietorships. No statistical tabulations or research results are released which would potentially reveal identifiable information about individuals, employers, or establishments.2

Brian J. Maisano (Statistics of Income Bulletin)

JEL Code(s) D31 Published