This paper introduces new users to the basics of the U.S. industry economic accounts. It provides an overview of each of BEA’s industry accounts and how they may be used to answer a variety of questions about the U.S. economy, industry activity, and the flow of goods and services throughout the economy.




A Primer on BEA’s Industry Accounts

I. Input-Output Accounts

  • The make table
  • The use table

II. Impact Analysis

  • Redefinitions
  • Requirement tables
  • Other tables

III. GDP by Industry Accounts

  • Value added
  • Intermediate inputs
  • Price growth

IV. Satellite Accounts and Other Statistics

  • Other statistics

V. A Note on Assumptions

VI. Data Availability

VII. Future Directions for the Industry Accounts


Appendix 1: The Value of Input-Output Transactions

Appendix 2: Accessing the Industry Accounts Interactively

  • Input-Output accounts
  • GDP by industry accounts

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