Government Receipts and Expenditures

Receipts and expenditures tables labeled "government" combine federal, state, and local activities. Data also are produced for the federal government, and for state and local governments combined. BEA produces the only comprehensive estimates of state and local government activity available on a timely basis.

Current receipts
4th quarter 2018: $5,592.6 billion
3rd quarter 2018: $5,576.8 billion
Current expenditures
4th quarter 2018: $6,857.8 billion
3rd quarter 2018: $6,768.8 billion
Current Release

Note: Government receipts are not available with the first (advance) estimate of GDP for each quarter.

What are Government Receipts and Expenditures?

Tax receipts, spending, and other transactions data for state and local governments combined and for the U.S. government. These statistics are used to assess the fiscal health of different levels of government and to see trends over time.

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