Distribution of Personal Income

BEA has developed a set of prototype statistics that takes one of our primary economic indicators—U.S. personal income—and measures how it is distributed across households. These data provide a new tool for assessing how households share in the nation's economic growth. BEA released prototype distribution of personal income tables in March 2020, along with two papers setting out the context for the estimates and the details of BEA's methodology for estimating the distribution of personal income. This effort builds on at least a decade of BEA research by bringing in new sources of data, including demographic surveys, aggregated tax records, and administrative records.

After obtaining input on the prototype measures via a Federal Register notice and refining our methodology, BEA will begin publishing these new statistics regularly, beginning in December 2020.

What is Distribution of Personal Income?

Measures how households are sharing in the U.S. economy's growth. Shows how total personal income in the United States is distributed across households.

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