Distribution of Personal Income

These prototype statistics take one of BEA’s primary economic indicators—U.S. personal income—and measure how it is distributed across households. This provides a new tool for assessing how households share in the nation's economic growth. The statistics build on at least a decade of BEA research by bringing in new sources of data, including demographic surveys, aggregated tax records, and administrative records.

Prototype statistics were published in March 2020. On Dec. 15, 2020, they were updated with data for the years 2017-18, statistics on disposable personal income, and methodological improvements. We will continue to seek feedback on the prototypes before beginning to publish distribution of personal income statistics regularly.

About the December 2020 Update

What is Distribution of Personal Income?

Measures how households are sharing in the U.S. economy's growth. Shows how total personal income in the United States is distributed across households.

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