BEA is developing data to provide a more complete and nuanced view of U.S. trade to analyze the evolving structure of international trade. The new data will help analyze global value chains – increasingly complicated supply chains that link many countries together to produce a good or service.

For example, an airliner exported from the United States might combine U.S.-made parts with wings from Japan, passenger doors from France, landing gear from England, and other components built elsewhere. Likewise, U.S. industries provide goods and services used in other countries’ exports.

In the first milestone of this ongoing project, BEA released prototype data on trade in value added in December 2021. The data were expanded in 2023 to show additional breakdowns by industry and international region. These new data tables can be used to answer questions such as: What are the domestic and imported inputs used to create a U.S. industry’s exports? How do U.S. industries contribute to different global value chains?

Current release: March 15, 2024

Note: To see the data tables, select Interactive Data: Global Value Chains in the Data & Documentation section.