A new filer refers to a U.S. company or person that is required to file on the BE-10 survey but has never filed any BE survey of U.S. direct investment abroad, including the BE-10, BE-11 and BE-577 surveys. If you are a new filer for the BE-10 but have filed on the BE-11 or BE-577 surveys previously, we suggest that you file your BE-10 report electronically through BE’s eFile system.

New filers are encouraged to make use of the fillable survey forms available on the BE-10 respondents webpage. Completed forms can be submitted by fax or mail. The fax number and mailing address are available on the front of the survey forms.

New filers with five or more foreign affiliates to report can contact BEA at (301) 278-9418 if they wish to file their first report electronically through BEA’s eFile system. Please note that setting up an eFile account for a new filer is a multi-step process that can take 2-3 days, which is why BEA encourages new filers with fewer than five foreign affiliates to make use of the fillable survey forms. Note that the BE-10 Claim for Not Filing form is not available in eFile.