If you have determined that you are required to file the BE-10 survey and you have five or more foreign affiliates, these are the steps for creating an eFile account to file the BE-10 survey:

Step 1. Contact BEA at (301) 278-9418 and request a reporter ID, which is a six-digit ID unique to your company. You’ll be asked to provide the following information:

  • Name of company
  • Address of company
  • Name of contact
  • Phone number of contact
  • Fiscal year end month (December, for example)
  • Four-digit industry (NAICS) code for your company (2012 NAICS Guide)

Once the complete set of above information is received, you will be provided a six-digit U.S. reporter ID. This step typically takes 1-2 business days.

Step 2. Register your company in the BEA eFile system by selecting a username and password. BEA will send you an email confirmation that your registration was successful.

Step 3. Log in and request that the BE-10 survey be linked to your username. As part of the link request, you will need to provide the six-digit U.S. reporter ID. It usually takes about one business day to receive a confirmation email from BEA for the completion of this step. BEA reviews all new filer requests for data confidentiality purposes.

Step 4. Your registration is complete and the BE-10 survey is linked to your username. Now you can log into your account to file the BE-10 forms electronically.

If you do not have five or more foreign affiliates or you do not wish to complete the steps for setting up an eFile account, you may complete the survey by completing fillable PDF forms and submitting them by mail or fax.