2020 Annual Update


Note. Updated statistics for the first quarter of 2020 are discussed in the July 30 GDP News release.

Draft Table Formats

Interactive Data Tables

NIPA and Fixed Asset Accounts Table Release Plan

July 30

  • News release for "GDP, Second Quarter 2020 (Advance Estimate) and Annual Update"
  • All quarterly "GDP and Personal Income" NIPA tables
  • All quarterly "Underlying Detail" NIPA tables

July 31

  • News release for "Personal Income and Outlays: June 2020"
  • All monthly "GDP and Personal Income" NIPA tables
  • All monthly "Underlying Detail" NIPA tables

By August 7

  • Most NIPA tables published on an "annual only" frequency


Publication of the article that details the results of the 2020 Annual Update of the NIPAs in the August Survey of Current Business, which includes:

  • The seven NIPA summary accounts
  • The table of selected components and major source data incorporated
  • Tables showing the revisions to major aggregates

September and October

  • Release of NIPA tables 2.9, 3.15-3.21, 5.10, and 7.19
  • Fixed Assets Accounts tables
  • Integrated Macroeconomic Accounts tables

Background materials