2019 Annual Update


Note: Updated statistics for the first quarter of 2019 are discussed in the July 26 GDP News release.

Background materials

Table Release Plan

July 26, 8:30 AM:

  • News release for "GDP, Second Quarter 2019 (Advance Estimate) and Annual Update
  • All quarterly "GDP and Personal Income" NIPA tables
  • All quarterly "Underlying Detail" NIPA tables

July 30: At 8:30 AM:

  • News release for "Personal Income and Outlays: June 2019"
  • All monthly "GDP and Personal Income" NIPA tables
  • All monthly "Underlying Detail" NIPA tables

By August 2:

  • Most NIPA tables published on an "annual only" frequency


  • Publication of the article that details the results of the 2019 Annual Update of the NIPAs in the August Survey of Current Business, which includes:
    • The seven NIPA summary accounts
    • The table of selected components and major source data incorporated
    • Tables showing the revisions to major aggregates

September through December:

  • Release of NIPA tables 2.9, 3.15-3.23, 5.10, 7.15, and 7.19
  • Fixed Assets Accounts tables
  • Integrated Macroeconomic Accounts tables