November 15, 2018

Personal income increased in 2,787 counties, decreased in 318, and was unchanged in 8 in 2017. Personal income increased 4.5 percent in the metropolitan portion of the United States and increased 3.2 percent in the nonmetropolitan portion in 2017. The change in personal income ranged from -41.4 percent in Slope County, North Dakota to 23.7 percent in Crosby County, Texas in 2017 (BEA interactive data).

Local Area Personal Income, 2017

Map of the U.S.
  • Per capita personal income—personal income divided by population—is a useful metric for making comparisons of the level of personal income across counties. In 2017, it ranged from $11,937 in Issaquena County, Mississippi to $233,860 in Teton County, Wyoming.
  • Per capita personal income exceeded $100,000 in 12 counties: Teton, Wyoming; New York, New York; Pitkin, Colorado; Bristol Bay, Alaska; Marin, California; Summit, Utah; San Francisco, California; Nantucket, Massachusetts; San Mateo, California; Fairfield, Connecticut; Blaine, Idaho; and Westchester, New York

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