May 18, 2020

The percent change in real state personal income ranged from 6.7 percent in Wyoming to 0.9 percent in Mississippi.

rpp photo may18
  • States with the fastest growth in real personal income were Wyoming (6.7 percent), Colorado (5.3 percent), and South Dakota (5.0 percent).
  • No state had a decline in real personal income. States with the slowest growth in real personal income were Mississippi (0.9 percent), Kentucky (1.4 percent), and New Jersey (1.9 percent).
  • States with the highest regional price parities (RPPs) were Hawaii (118.1), New York (116.4), and California (115.4). The District of Columbia’s RPP was 116.1.
  • States with the lowest RPPs were Arkansas (85.3), Mississippi (86.0), and Alabama (86.4).
  • Across states, California had the highest RPP for housing rents (152.5) and Arkansas had the lowest (60.8).

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