Gross Domestic Income

Quarterly - Change From Preceding Period
Q3 2022 (3rd) +2.8 %
Q2 2022 (3rd) -0.8 %
Annual - Change From Preceding Period
2021 +5.5 %
2020 -2.3 %
* Gross domestic income is not available with the first (advance) estimate of GDP for each quarter.
For the fourth quarter only, gross domestic income is not available in the first or second estimates.

Real gross domestic income (GDI) is a measure of the incomes earned and the costs incurred in the production of gross domestic product. It's another way of measuring U.S. economic activity. BEA also publishes the average of real GDP and real GDI.  

  • Current release:  December 22, 2022
  • Next release: March 30, 2023

What is Gross Domestic Income?

A measure of U.S. economic activity based on incomes. In theory, GDI should equal gross domestic product, but the different source data yield different results. BEA considers GDP more reliable because it's based on timelier, more expansive data.

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