Gross Output by Industry

Real gross output—principally a measure of an industry's sales or receipts, which includes sales to final users in the economy (GDP) and sales to other industries (intermediate inputs)—increased 2.7 percent in the first quarter, reflecting increases of 0.4 percent for private goods-producing industries, 3.4 percent for private services-producing industries, and 3.7 percent for government (table 16). Overall, 16 of 22 industry groups contributed to the first-quarter increase in real gross output.

  • Current release: June 29, 2023
  • Next release: Fall 2023

What is Gross Output by Industry?

Principally, a measure of an industry's sales or receipts. These statistics capture an industry's sales to consumers and other final users (found in GDP), as well as sales to other industries (intermediate inputs not counted in GDP). They reflect the full value of the supply chain by including the business-to-business spending necessary to produce goods and services and deliver them to final consumers.

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