Input-Output Accounts

These data offer a comprehensive picture of the inner workings of the U.S. economy, showing production relationships among industries and commodities. Businesses can use input-output data to develop economic projections and forecasting models. Economists can use the data to examine the role of information technology on structural change, productivity, and the sources of economic growth. Researchers can use the data to analyze the economic effects of specific events.

Input-output data are updated each year and provide information on 71 industry categories. Detailed benchmark input-output statistics, produced roughly every five years, are further subdivided into 405 industries.

Benchmark input-output tables are fully integrated with the annual industry accounts and the national income and product accounts. Benchmark estimates at all levels of aggregation reflect the highly detailed and accurate data available during an economic census year.

  • Release Information: Data released each September.
  • Prototype Make-Use tables at a 138-industry level (2007-2021) are available at the Global Value Chain landing page and are part of the supporting tables for the experimental National Trade in Value Added Statistics release in March 2023.

What are the Input-Output Accounts?

A series of detailed tables showing how industries interact with each other and with the rest of the economy. Supply tables show the goods and services produced by domestic industries as well as imports of these goods and services. Use tables show who uses these goods and services, including other industries. Requirements tables summarize the full supply chain, including direct and indirect inputs.

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