Intellectual Property

Gross Private Domestic Investment in Intellectual Property Products
Real Change From Preceding Quarter
Q2 2023 (adv) +3.9 %
Q1 2023 (3rd) +3.1 %
Q4 2022 (3rd) +6.2 %

Investment in research and development (R&D) and other intellectual property contributes to innovation and U.S. economic growth. BEA's fixed investment statistics measure both business and government spending on intellectual property. Quarterly data on private fixed investment in intellectual property products are part of the gross domestic product news releases. Annual statistics include detailed data on spending by businesses and nonprofits on R&D; software; and entertainment, literary, and artistic originals. Annual government statistics include federal spending on R&D and software and spending by state and local governments combined.

What are Intellectual Property Products?

Intellectual property products are research and development; software; and entertainment, literary, and artistic originals. They are measured as fixed investments because they are used repeatedly in production processes and provide long-lasting service to the businesses, nonprofit institutions, and government agencies that invest in them.

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