International Services (Expanded Detail)

In 2020, U.S. exports of services were $705.6 billion and U.S. imports of services were $460.3 billion. In 2019—the latest year for which statistics are available—services supplied to foreign persons through foreign affiliates of U.S. MNEs were $1,765.3 billion. Services supplied to U.S. persons through U.S. affiliates of foreign MNEs were $1,231.6 billion. Affiliates supplied most of the services provided to foreign persons by the United States and to U.S. persons by foreign markets in 2019.

  • Current Release: October 19, 2021 (Services supplied through affiliates)
  • Next Release: July 2022 (U.S. trade in services detailed tables)
Chart showing U.S. International Services Supplied, 2004-2020.

What is International Services (Expanded Detail)?

Services supplied by and to the United States in either of two ways: trade between U.S. residents and residents of other countries, or services supplied by multinational enterprises through their U.S. or foreign affiliates.

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